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A well-structured monthly training program for the new in-house users to enable them to aptly handle the sophisticated imaging systems.

Access Control & Training (In-house users ):

  • Lecture (2 hours): Basics of microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and digital imaging.


  • System Demonstrations: 

          1. Basics of Microscopy and Fluorescence microscopy. (2.5 hours ):

              This session covers transmitted light microscopy techniques (Bright field, DIC, Phase

              contrast, and Darkfield), Kohler Illumination, and Fluorescence microscopy.

              Thereafter users get hand-on fluorescence microscopy (Leica DM6) and complete the



          2. Confocal microscopy (2 hours):  Demonstration of confocal microscopy using Zeiss LSM               710.

  • Examination: The online MCQ paper needs to be submitted in 45 min. Results are generated instantaneously.


  • Confocal Hand-on exercise (2-3 hours): Users complete their assignment  (using sub-resolution beads) individually on a LSM 710 confocal microscope on their own.


  • Submission of assignments: 


  • Submission of feedback form (online) and facility access:

Microscopy Training (2018-2023) at IISER Pune.png

We do arrange training sessions for external users upon request. For training-related queries, please get in touch with us-

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