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Recent research publications using the resources of the microscopy facility


Kuttanamkuzhi, A., Panda, DP., Malaviya, R., Gaidhani, G. and Lahiri, M. (2023) Altered expression of Api5 affects breast carcinogenesis 

      by modulating FGF2 signalling. BMC Cancer. 23, 374.


Bodas DS*, Maduskar A*, Kaniganti T, Wakhloo D, Balasubramanian A, Subhedar N and Ghose A (2023) Convergent energy state-

      dependent antagonistic signalling by Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) and Neuropeptide Y (NPY) modulates 

      the plasticity of forebrain neurons to regulate feeding in zebrafish. Journal of Neuroscience, 43(7):1089-1110.


Mathew, M., Ganguly, A., & Prasad, K. (2023) Multiple feedbacks on self-organized morphogenesis during plant regeneration. New

      Phytologist (In press)


Rajabhoj, MP., Sankar, S., Bondada, R., Shanmukhan, AP., Prasad, K*., & Maruthachalam, R., (2023) Gametophytic epigenetic regulators

      MEA and DME synergistically suppress ectopic shoot formation in Arabidopsis. BioRxiv 16.541021


Mathew, MM., Shanmukhan, AP., Varapparambath, V., & Prasad K*. (2023) Protocol for real-time imaging, polar protein quantification, and

      targeted laser ablation of regenerating shoot progenitors in Arabidopsis. STAR Protoc. 22;4(2):102184.


Rase, D., Illathvalappil, R., Singh, H.D., Shekhar, P., Leo, L.S., Chakraborty, D., Haldar, S., Shelke, A., Ajithkumar, T.G. and Vaidhyanathan,

      R., (2023). Hydroxide ion-conducting viologen–bakelite organic frameworks for flexible solid-state zinc–air battery applications.

      Nanoscale Horizons, 8(2), pp.224-234.


Bipasha Dey#, Debasmita Mitra#, Tirthasree Das, Aparna Sherlekar, Ramya Balaji, Richa Rikhy* (2023). Polarity protein distribution on the

      metaphase furrow regulates hexagon dominated plasma membrane organization in syncytial Drosophila embryos. bioRxiv 770453;, Genetics (in press).


Mahajan S, Sen D, Sunil A, Srikanth P, Marathe SD, Shaw K, Sahare M, Galande S and Abraham NM (2023) Knockout of angiotensin

       converting enzyme-2 receptor leads to morphological aberrations in rodent olfactory centers and dysfunctions associated with sense

       of smell. Front. Neurosci. 17:1180868.


Pardasani M, Ramakrishnan AM, Mahajan S, Kantroo M, McGowan E, Das S, Srikanth P, Pandey S, Abraham NM (2023) Perceptual

      learning deficits mediated by somatostatin releasing inhibitory interneurons of olfactory bulb in an early life stress mouse model,

      Molecular Psychiatry


Joshi, M. P., Uday, A., & Rajamani, S. (2022). Elucidating N-acyl amino acids as a model protoamphiphilic system. Communications                  Chemistry, 5(1).

Kundu, T., Das, S. S., Sewatkar, L. K., Kumar, D. S., Nagar, D., & Ghose, A. (2022). Antagonistic Activities of Fmn2 and ADF Regulate                Axonal F-Actin Patch Dynamics and the Initiation of Collateral Branching. Journal of Neuroscience, 42(39).                                          

Mitra, D., Swaminathan, A., Mundhe, G., & Rikhy, R. (2022). Imaging and quantification of apical microvilli in the syncytial blastoderm of           Drosophila embryos. STAR Protocols.

Sakunthala, A., Datta, D., Navalkar, A., Gadhe, L., Kadu, P., Patel, K., Mehra, S., Kumar, R., Chatterjee, D., Devi, J., Sengupta, K.,                      Padinhateeri, R., & K. Maji, S. (2022). Direct Demonstration of Seed Size-Dependent α-Synuclein Amyloid Amplification. The Journal of        Physical Chemistry Letters, 13(28), 6427–6438.

Sarkar, S., Dagar, S., Lahiri, K., & Rajamani, S. (2022). pH-Responsive Self-Assembled Compartments as Tuneable Model Protocellular 

      Membrane Systems**.

Chowdhary, S., & Rikhy, R. (2022). Labeling and Tracking Mitochondria with Photoactivation in Drosophila Embryos. Bio-Protocol, 12(5).  

Dubal, D., Moghe, P., Verma, R. K., Uttekar, B., & Rikhy, R. (2022). Mitochondrial fusion regulates proliferation and differentiation in the

      type II neuroblast lineage in Drosophila. PLoS Genetics, 18(2).

Kulkarni, B., Malhotra, M., & Jayakannan, M. (2022). Fluorescent ABC-Triblock Polymer Nanocarrier for Cisplatin Delivery to Cancer Cells. 

      Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 17(5).

Sharma, S., & Rikhy, R. (2022). Measurement of Contractile Ring Tension Using Two-photon Laser Ablation during Drosophila

      Cellularization. Bio-Protocol, 12(6).

Tendulkar, S., Hegde, S., Garg, L., Thulasidharan, A., Kaduskar, B., Ratnaparkhi, A., & Ratnaparkhi, G. S. (2022). Caspar, an adapter for

      VAPB and TER94, modulates the progression of ALS8 by regulating IMD/NFκB-mediated glial inflammation in a Drosophila model of 

      human disease. Human Molecular Genetics, 00, 1–19.

Chandroth, A., & Chattppadhyay, D. (2022). Micromorphy Offers Effective Defense Against Predation: Insights from Cost-Benefit Analyses        of the Miocene Microgastropod Predation Record from Kerala, India. Contributions, 34(6).



Labade, A. S., Salvi, A., Kar, S., Karmodiya, K., & Sengupta, K. (2021). Nup93 and CTCF modulate spatiotemporal dynamics and function

       of the HOXA gene locus during differentiation. Journal of Cell Science, 134(23).

Kaniganti, T., Deogade, A., Maduskar, A., Mukherjee, A., Guru, A., Subhedar, N., & Ghose, A. (2021). Sensitivity of olfactory sensory

      neurons to food cues is tuned to nutritional states by Neuropeptide Y signaling. Journal of Neurochemistry, 159(6).       


Kundu, T., Dutta, P., Nagar, D., Maiti, S., & Ghose, A. (2021). Coupling of dynamic microtubules to F-actin by Fmn2 regulates chemotaxis

     of neuronal growth cones. Journal of Cell Science, 134(13).


Mohanasundaram, B., Bhide, A. J., Palit, S., Chaturvedi, G., Lingwan, M., Masakapalli, S. K., & Banerjee, A. K. (2021). The unique

       bryophyte-specific repeat-containing protein SHORT-LEAF regulates gametophore development in moss. Plant Physiology, 187(1).   


Sharma, V. K., & Lahiri, M. (2021). Interplay between p300 and HDAC1 regulate acetylation and stability of Api5 to regulate cell

      proliferation. Scientific Reports, 11(1).


Unni, M., Reddy, P. C., Pal, M., Sagi, I., & Galande, S. (2021). Identification of Components of the Hippo Pathway in Hydra and Potential

      Role of YAP in Cell Division and Differentiation. Frontiers in Genetics, 12.


Dutta, S., Let, S., Shirolkar, M. M., Desai, A. v., Samanta, P., Fajal, S., More, Y. D., & Ghosh, S. K. (2021). A luminescent cationic MOF for

     bimodal recognition of chromium and arsenic based oxo-anions in water. Dalton Transactions, 50(29).        


Sarkar, S., Dagar, S., & Rajamani, S. (2021). Influence of Wet–Dry Cycling on the Self‐Assembly and Physicochemical Properties of Model

     Protocellular Membrane Systems. ChemSystemsChem, 3(5).


Virmani, M., Deshpande, N. U., Pathan, S., & Jayakannan, M. (2021). Self-Reporting Polysaccharide Polymersome for Doxorubicin and

     Cisplatin Delivery to Live Cancer Cells. ACS Polymers Au.


Deshpande, N. U., Virmani, M., & Jayakannan, M. (2021). An AIE-driven fluorescent polysaccharide polymersome as an enzyme-

     responsive FRET nanoprobe to study the real-time delivery aspects in live cells. Polymer Chemistry, 12(10).


Pardasani, M., Marathe, S. D., Purnapatre, M. M., Dalvi, U., & Abraham, N. M. (2021). Multimodal learning of pheromone locations. FASEB

     Journal, 35(9).


Joshi, M. P., Steller, L., van Kranendonk, M. J., & Rajamani, S. (2021). Influence of Metal Ions on Model Protoamphiphilic Vesicular

     Systems: Insights from Laboratory and Analogue Studies. Life, 11(12).


Joshi, M. P., Sawant, A. A., & Rajamani, S. (2021). Spontaneous emergence of membrane-forming protoamphiphiles from a lipid-amino

     acid mixture under wet-dry cycles. Chemical Science, 12(8).



Ghosh, R., Malhotra, M., Madhuri Sathe, R. R., & Jayakannan, M. (2020). Biodegradable Polymer Theranostic Fluorescent Nanoprobe for

      Direct Visualization and Quantitative Determination of Antimicrobial Activity. Biomacromolecules, 21(7).

Ghate, K., Mutalik, S. P., Sthanam, L. K., Sen, S., & Ghose, A. (2020). Fmn2 Regulates Growth Cone Motility by Mediating a Molecular

      Clutch to Generate Traction Forces. Neuroscience, 448.


Malla, J. A., Umesh, R. M., Yousf, S., Mane, S., Sharma, S., Lahiri, M., & Talukdar, P. (2020). A Glutathione Activatable Ion Channel Induces

      Apoptosis in Cancer Cells by Depleting Intracellular Glutathione Levels. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 59(20).

Dubey, S., Bhembre, N., Bodas, S., Veer, S., Ghose, A., Callan-Jones, A., Pullarkat, P., & Sens, P. (2020). The axonal actin-spectrin lattice

      acts as a tension buffering shock absorber. ELife, 9.

Sherlekar, A., Mundhe, G., Richa, P., Dey, B., Sharma, S., & Rikhy, R. (2020). F-BAR domain protein Syndapin regulates actomyosin

     dynamics during apical cap remodeling in syncytial Drosophila embryos. Journal of Cell Science, 133(10).  


Chowdhary, S., Madan, S., Tomer, D., Mavrakis, M., & Rikhy, R. (2020). Mitochondrial morphology and activity regulate furrow ingression

     and contractile ring dynamics in drosophila cellularization. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 31(21).


Dey, B., & Rikhy, R. (2020). DE-cadherin and Myosin II balance regulates furrow length for onset of polygon shape in syncytial Drosophila

     embryos. Journal of Cell Science, 133(10).

Mehrotra, S., Bansal, P., Oli, N., Pillai, S. J., & Galande, S. (2020). Defective Proventriculus Regulates Cell Specification in the Gastric

      Region of Drosophila Intestine. Frontiers in Physiology, 11.

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