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 India BioImaging (IBI) Meeting 

Dates: 12th and 13th December 2024

Venue: IISER Pune

We are happy to share the news about the upcoming India BioImaging (IBI) community meeting in collaboration with Global Bioimaging (GBI), EMBL, Germany. This significant event is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of December 2024 at IISER Pune.


The inception of the IBI consortium dates back to 2012; please refer to the short article ( by India BioScience. The vision was to establish microscopy centers across India to democratize access to cutting-edge technologies and provide training opportunities.


We are committed to revitalizing the IBI community once again by uniting Indian bioimaging stakeholders. Our objective is to elevate the standards and capabilities of Indian research by fostering microscopy knowledge exchange, promoting research innovation, and sharing resources and expertise in microscopy. The primary goal of this gathering is to foster collaboration within the bioimaging community in India. Specifically, the IBI aims to:


  1. Enhance the quality of microscopy training.

  2. Provide advanced training for facility staff, including train-the-trainers programs and facility management training.

  3. Devise collaborative solutions for image data storage and analysis.

  4. Explore pathways for Indian researchers to access existing imaging facilities.

We firmly believe that by convening facility managers, imaging scientists, and decision-makers from prominent imaging cores across India, we can formulate a unified national strategy to propel the IBI community to a world-class standard. Hence, we are inviting you to join us at this meeting. Please register your interest here:Sign-Up Form


Together, we can work towards achieving our national goals. You can also help us to reach out to your region's imaging community, who might be interested in joining the meeting.


There is no registration fee for this meeting, and accommodation will be arranged at the IISER Pune campus.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further queries or information. We are currently in the preparatory phase and will come up with more details soon.

For further queries:

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