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Scanning Electron Microscope for wide range of samples

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Zeiss EVO LS10 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope:


Beam source: Tungsten

Resolution:  3 nm @ 30 kV, 20 nm @ 1kV

Accelerating voltage:  0.1—30 kV

Pressure Range:  10—3000 Pa

Detectors:  Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector,

                   Variable Pressure Secondary Electron (VPSE) 

                   LM 4Q Backscattered Detector (BSD).

Special features: Water vapor admittance in the sample chamber

                            5 axis motorized stage with software joystick.

                            Peltier cooling stage

                            The variable pressure (VP) mode offers the possibility to image the samples without prior preparation and coating

                            STEM detector (Single grid solid state STEM detector) and sample holder.

Operating software: SMART SEM 

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