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About the Facility

    This state-of-the-art facility houses a wide spectrum of imaging platforms that allow quantitative measurements and                visualization from nanometre sizes to whole tissues and organisms. And from a few milliseconds to hours and days.


     Few highlights of the facility include,

  •  "Super-resolution" imaging techniques (Nobel Prize 2014) that allow molecules to be observed in unprecedented spatial resolution.

  •  Visualizing living organisms and tissues as they develop over time.

  •  Visualizing cells at increased depths in tissues and organisms.


     The imaging facility has been critical to many of our research outputs, including key insights into cancer development and

     progression, how animals and plants develop, the growth and behavior of microbes, and mechanisms underlying

     neuropsychiatric disorders. The facility was started in 2010 and has progressed to become one of the pre-eminent

     imaging centers in India. Beyond local use, a key activity of the facility is providing specialized training and access to high-

     end imaging systems to the nation.

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